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How To Make A Smooth Transition From Summer To School

Summer spells freedom from restrictive schedules and time constraints — not just for kids but parents as well. With summer winding down and back to school season just around the corner, making the transition can be a bit tricky for both you and your kids. Almost always, it is fraught with drama and stress.

Going back to school is a significant transition for children as you remove the familiarity and comfort of home to introduce him/her to new classrooms, new mix of student peers and new teachers on top of challenging schoolwork.

However, with little preparation, you can make the back to school transition as painless as possible for you and your kids. Here are some tips:

Anticipate & Address Anxiety

Going back to school is stressful for kids of all ages and for parents too! Make sure not to let your apprehensions show. Take time to talk to your children about the fun new experiences that await them. Maintain a positive attitude about summer ending and talk about the great things coming up in the new school year.

Restart Routines

Kids need time to adjust, so it’s important to provide a head start. One to two weeks before school begins, have kids wake up at the same time as they would on school days, and gradually transition to earlier bedtimes. It is also a good idea to serve meals the same times your child will be eating throughout the school year.

Go Over The Ground Rules

Discuss the ground rules such as when, where and for how long your child will do homework. You also need to review rules on household chores, screen time, extracurricular activities and establish guidelines for the new school year ahead.

Draw Up A Game Plan

Discuss with your child the goals for the coming school year and reminisce the past successes from the previous year. Take time to also learn about what specific skills your child wants to improve on so you will have a better idea how you can support him/her.

Make Necessary Preparations

The first day is always the most difficult to get past. It is important that you help your child make it through the first day without completely falling apart and refusing to leave the house.

For one, make the goodbye process simple and structured. It is also important to allow ample time in the morning for getting dressed and enjoying a healthy breakfast. You can also discuss lunch choices a day ahead.

Switching from a summer to a school schedule can be stressful to everyone in the household. By establishing a routine, you help your children feel more comfortable all throughout the transition process.

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