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Evelyn Wins

Registered Massage Therapist


About Evelyn

Evelyn, originally from Germany, has lived for more than half of her life here in Canada. Evelyn comes from a very musical family and it was expected that she would probably have a musical career of her own.

Due to the repetitive nature of playing instruments, Evelyn and her family suffered numerous repetitive strain injuries which required treament. It was through the epxerience of being a patient of massage therapy herself, that Evelyn realized the incredible effects massage can have on our the human body and was inspired to pursue a career in massage therapy herself. After a few years of working in Manitoba where we had first moved, she made the big move to BC to study massage therapy.

Evelyn graduated from the Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy in Vernon and is now excited to be working with a diverse and highly skilled team of practitioners at Okanagan Health and Performance in Kelowna.

What Evelyn's patients are saying

"Evelyn is an amazing massage therapist she does a wonderful job making you feel very relaxed and comfortable. She seems to love what she does and does an amazing job. I would defiantly recommend her!" - Ainsley

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