Jamie and Chad Abbott

My husband and I sought out help from Dr. Donna McAllister at Okanagan Health and Performance for our 6-day old newborn when we were having difficulty with breastfeeding. We had consulted with 2 lactation consultants and were assured that we were doing the right things for breastfeeding success but were still struggling and running out of ideas as to why so they recommended we reach out to Dr. Donna. Our son was born in a frank breach position (meaning he was head up with both legs straight up). He was in this position for most of the last 4 months of pregnancy and had little room to move. We noted that he would not latch on the left and when we tried, he would become inconsolable, often yelling, and crying. We were unable to wake him for his regular feedings and were concerned about his decreasing weight. During the treatment, Dr. Donna was very gentle and explained everything she was doing. It was not your usual type of adjustment. It was so delicate and soft with micro adjustments to baby’s body. He even slept through the entire appointment! My husband and I were just hoping for any improvement and had no idea how profound of a change we would see. Immediately after the appointment, our son latched and fed on the left for the first time. He also remained awake and alert between feedings for a little while, which was not at all expected, and he slept better at night without the inconsolable fits. He has had a couple follow ups and the changes have held. He now regularly feeds on the left, has a great range of motion in his neck, is happier overall and more alert. We would highly recommend Dr. Donna at OHP. We had never thought of Chiropractic care for such a young infant but in hindsight it just makes so much sense. Knowing that the adjustments are not the bone cracking type that adults are used to, we will continue to check in with Dr. Donna to ensure our son’s chiropractic health through all his growth stages.


Hi Donna my miracle worker!!!! I walked into your office with pain and out without it, thank you so much. The back also is normal again, thank you, thank you. I feel a million times better!!!

Joanna C.

Who knew that Dr. Donna could finally help me get over the longest winter cold of my life?  Usually, Dr. Donna is my go-to for keeping my body alignment and injury free when training for the triathlon. After over two weeks of living with a winter cold/flu and two different medicines, a friend inquired, “Have you gone to see Dr. Donna?”  I hadn’t even thought of that. 

Today, I am happy to say that Dr. Donna has helped me tremendously to get back to wellness and training. She worked on my sinuses and lymphatic system. Got my ribs working like manta rays again and relieved my head pain. If you have a winter cold lingering, go and get into to see Dr. Donna!  Truly!  I hadn’t even thought of it. I am very relieved I saw her today. Here come’s spring!!!  🏊🏻‍♀️🚴🏻‍♀️🤸🏼‍♂️

Anne Ptak

My daughter Elle was  3 months old when we first saw Donna. She was a very colicky baby and basically cried for the first few months of her life. My husband and I regularly visit the chiropractor and we were quite hesitant to bring in our tiny baby, thinking the treatment would be similar.

After debating it for months, we finally decided to book a consultation and we were surprised to find out the treatment is very different for babies and young children. It was like a gentle massage and Elle even slept through her first treatment! After three visits her colic was totally gone and it was like we had a completely new baby on our hands! My only regret in this situation is not bringing her in for treatment sooner.

Jane Sowinski

After being injured in a motor vehicle accident last year I decided to see a physiotherapist for treatment. I have been very impressed with the knowledge and expertise both Vanessa and Quentin have of their profession. I really appreciate their dedicated approach to my care.Jane Sowinski

Wayne Dorman

Thank you to Dr. Rob MutchAs usual you seemed to have straightened out my back in the moment smile emoticonTen years of great service to me when I am in need.

Wanda Mather

I highly recommend Vanessa for treatment. I have been seeing Vanessa since a vehicle accident causing injury and trauma to my right side. I appreciate  Vanessa’s approach to health and wellness, explaining how the body works and her education and training give her many solutions in her “toolbox” for people who need pain relief. Vanessa is all about making you feel better, moving you towards better health and giving you support to help yourself.

Thank you!  I know I am a healthier person because of the work you do.

Andrew Hiob

If anyone in the Kelowna and surrounding area is looking for the best massage therapist ever, check out James Wheeler at OHP Okanagan Health and Performance. He is a miracle worker. He doesn't just massage and make you feel better for a day or two until you have to go back; he actively finds what's wrong and fixes it. I had chronic shoulder pain which would randomly come and go without any rhyme or reason. I also couldn't pinpoint how the "injury" actually happened. James was able to diagnose, treat and cure the issue. All within 3 visits. Great guy, easy to talk to and effective.

Oh yeah, it's a SPORTS massage, not a nice happy massage. There's no nice Oriental music with lemon water. There SHOULD be Swedish death metal and dragon blood! You may cry. You WILL swear. You will discover your pain tolerance. But it's SO worth it. Check him out!

Pippa Dewitt

Vanessa, she has a great warmth and makes every visit a positive experience.  She quickly assesses the problem and provides excellent exercises and follow up. Also, she is very knowledgeable and up to date with the latest treatments: cutting edge!  Thank you Vanessa for all your help.  Your enthusiasm for your job and life is infectious.  Excited to try Joga with you in the New Year!

Alex Ross

After being in a car crash on my birthday(!), Vanessa was a ray of sunshine who helped me through a lot of hard days when I was plagued by headaches and general muscle tension. She is always smiling and takes a genuine interest in her patients. Her variety of skills meant I was lucky to receive manual therapy from her as well as acupuncture. I feel I am a perfect candidate to say how amazing the healing powers of acupuncture are for headaches as I was a skeptic going into the first treatment. I was delighted to find almost instant relief. I have already recommended OHP and Vanessa multiple times to friends and colleagues in Kelowna.

I am thrilled and relieved. My baby was born with torticollis and a misshapen head. We were on a waiting list to go to see a specialist in Vancouver and were expecting to start using a helmet. We decided to see if chiropractic care could help.

At 9 months, our baby started chiropractic care utilizing cranial therapy. Only 5 treatments resulted in significant, permanent changes. My baby's eyes are now level, his ear heights are more symmetrical, and the prominent bump on the back of his head is virtually gone. Thank you OHP.

Tiffany Bilodeau

Life as a ballet dancer is a life lived in constant motion, on pointe, which means a life full of overused muscles, strains, sprains, locked ankles and other injuries (and miraculous healing times) that surprise even the most seasoned practitioner! With this glorious lifestyle, means regular visits to a chiropractor, physiotherapist and massage therapist...enter Okanagan Health and Performance!What I love about Okanagan Health and Performance is the commitment to excellence and their willingness to work with each individual patient on a personal level. Every practitioner takes the time to get to know you and genuinely cares about finding the cause of what brought you in. The practitioners work together, often recommending each other’s services, to enable a patient to have optimum recovery. I have found it incredibly helpful to be able to see more than one practitioner. For me it has meant alternative solutions to injuries/body issues and a greater capacity for healing.No matter who I see, I know that I am receiving high quality care and professionalism as well as being able to interact personably and positively.Thank you OHP fore being there no matter what my dancing life brings me in for :)

My baby's constant crying and sleepless nights simply stopped...Chiropractic has benefited our entire family.

My baby was born with torticollishe simply couldn't turn his head to the left. Chiropractic care completely restored his neck motion, enabling proper feeding, sleeping and function.

Active Release has been a key component in my treatment and training. Active Release has helped me to feel better and to be able to give 100% in my training. In a sport where 100ths of a second could make a difference between first and second, being able to train and race at my full potential is very important to me.

Active Release has helped me to maintain optimum health and muscle fitness, and is an essential part of my training. I am now on my way to the 2002 Olympics. I will never train through pain again, not when an Active Release treatment is just a phone call away!.

After one session, my shoulder felt a hundred times better. The pain had been greatly reduced and my mobility was unbelievable. After a few more sessions, my shoulder was back to normal and I returned to training painfree.

The day I came in my back was hurting really bad. After only one treatment with ART the constant pain was gone. That has never happened to me before after years of going to the Chiropractor. ...ARTFor an exercise fanatic like me, that was very important! I was able to train throughout the treatment, which was short and effective. Now my hip is relatively painfree and I am back to instructing and training.

Geoff McLeary

After receiving successful Chiro treatments from OHP in the past and observing first hand their professional clinic and all they have to offer...I refer all of my clients with health issues to OHP after selling them their new mattress.

I recently received some bad news from a doctor after experiencing shoulder pain, arm cramping, arm pain, tingling fingers and my hand falling asleep...I was diagnosed with Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, the symptoms continued over a three week period of time about every 510 minutes or if I lifted my arm and I was frustrated and nervous after learning that surgery was recommended by the doc and after reading up on this syndrome. The prognosis was not good!

I decided to follow my own advice and went to OHP to see if anything could be done? They were very optimistic that they could repair me without surgery!

I went for approx.8 visits and then decided to rest it for a week and voila...it's gone! I was so worried this affliction would hamper my lifestyle for the rest of my life and for what I was going through...it seems like a miracle?! I will recommend OHP to anyone I encounter with a health issue!

One last thing....due to my work schedule, I had to visit 3 different Chiropractors and it is amazing how in sync they are with the treatment of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome! It's like I went to the same doc each time.

OHP gave me my quality of life back!!!!

Lynne Deacon

For more years than I can remember I have suffered with a sciatic problem. It had become almost impossible to sleep through the night without pain in my left leg waking me up. All measures of relief failed until I got up and began my day. When getting into my car I had to literally position a hand under my left thigh to lift my leg into the vehicle.

While skiing I always tried to ride on the left side of the chair lift in order to quickly get the right foot in place and then lift the leg in with my hand. At times I walked with a noticeable limp and no matter how slow a pace my walking group set, I always brought up the rear.

A friend, who had experienced success with OHP's method of chiropractic medicine, suggested that I visit Okanagan Health and Performance and discuss the probability of relief for my sciatic problem. An initial exam was conducted and treatment started during that first visit.

After the initial treatment, I slept through the night and have had no reoccurring leg pain interrupting my sleep. With each treatment my leg has become stronger and continues to do so. I can now lift my leg on it's own into the car.

I am no longer the last one to finish a walk but can in fact keep up with the pace set by the group. Leg strength in my left leg has increased dramatically and continues to do so with each treatment. I have found relief after close to 20 years of suffering!

Lynne Ryan

For the past five weeks I have been battling with an aggressive respiratory/asthma illness. For two of those five weeks I was hospitalized with a treatment of Prednisone, antibiotics, nebulizers, steroids, etc.

The day that I was released from hospital I was in no better condition than when I had entered the hospital. I was extremely weak and not able to care for myself with no improvement in my breathing. My sister and brotherinlaw came to the coast and brought me back to Kelowna to care for me. She introduced me to Travis McIndoe, TCMP and I had my first appointment with him on May 3rd. I received moxabustion and acupuncture treatment at that time with a second appointment on May 5th using the same treatment

With the first treatment I noticed an immediate improvement in my breathing and after my second appointment, all within a three day period, Travis had provided me more relief than all my time in the hospital.

I truly believe that without the moxabustion I would not be showing the huge improvements that have occurred in my breathing and general health. Moxabustion has done more for me than any of the hospital/medical treatments that I received by conventional practices.

I cannot stress how important this course of treatment has been in my recovery and would be for anyone else with respiratory issues.

Patty L.

For several mornings I woke up with a very sore jaw and found it painful eating my breakfast. Then it became worse. My jaw hurt every time I tried to eat anything. I couldn’t even bite down on a cracker without severe pain. When I went to my Dentist, he suggested that it was a TMJ problem and I should seek the help of a Dental Specialist.

I called to make an appt and found I couldn’t get in for almost 3 months. After getting no relief from pain pills and frustrated with a long wait time to get some help, I went to see Dr Donna. I am still amazed at how quickly my jaw got better. What she did required no surgery, no medication and no expensive Specialist bills.....and as of a few weeks ago, my jaw is completely back to normal. Unbelievable. Your are the greatest, Donna !!! Thanks so much.

Dr. Donna to the Rescue! For years I had struggled with a sore hip. I damaged it while cycling and I just couldn't seem to get it to heal properly. I would rest it for weeks at a time, but when I went back to training, that leg would remain weak and the hip would cause me no end of chronic pain. As a fitness instructor and Martial Artist, I found this extremely frustrating!

I repeatedly tried physio and massage. They helped to temporarily relieve the pain, but the strength in the leg never improved. As soon as I went back to training, the pain came back. Then I met Dr. Donna. She encouraged me to let her have a look at me. I was reluctant. After all, I thought chiropractors were only interested in the bones and their alignment.

I had no idea that she would be so knowledgeable about the function of the muscles and what was going on in that department! Well I am so glad I went to her! I saw immediate improvement in the strength of my leg! For an exercise fanatic like me, that was very important! I was able to train throughout the treatment, which was short and effective.

Now my hip is relatively painfree and I am back to instructing and training. I am secure in the knowledge that I can return to Dr. Donna for a "Tuneup" at any time. What a wonderful way to start 2003! Thank you Dr. Donna.

Sheena Mathews

During the last 2 months of my pregnancy, I was having problems standing for long periods of time, let alone walking. My back ached and I never slept through the nite. My awesome midwife Barbara Barta suggested I go and see "Donna the Chiropractor". I went frequently; as a matter of fact every 2 days near the end.

Each time I went I left feeling like myself again. I slept through the nite & I truly believe that is the reason I had an early, easy labour and delivery & went back into shape again so quickly. I would recommend this for anyone who just needs a little "pick me up" it's not easy carrying around all that extra weight & they know just what you need. Thanks for everything Donna & crew.


Hey Donna, I just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know of our sweet baby boy's birth on July 25. Dominic Laurence Atherton was 9lb, 10 oz and 58 cm long. He has totally stolen our hearts.

Thanks for your help in keeping my body in line so it could do the work of birthing him. I am so grateful for your skills and knowledge in treating me in pregnancy, but even more so, for the personal care you provide. Through 3 pregnancies now I have felt so supported and secure in the knowledge that I was getting the very best care for my own body, while preparing it to succeed in birth. That confidence is invaluable. Thank you so much.

I'll attach Dominic's birth story in case you're a birth junkie like me...

All the best! We'll be in soon for a tune up I'm sure.

Chad R. Larson

To the whole staff at OHP, I think I saw almost everyone many times this summer, for sure I saw Dr. Armata, Schmidt, Mutch, Mcallister, and Nadine and Sarah. Was a great summer and I couldn’t have stayed upright without all your help and support.

Darcy M.

Chiropractic care throughout pregnancy was my saving grace. My back and hip pain was relieved instantly with adjustments, and I felt that I was more relaxed and my pelvis more open for a better birth.

Kanina & Geoff Wright

To say I was hesitant about taking my 7 week old baby to a chiropractor is an understatement however my husband and I were at our wits end with the constant inconsolable crying. Nothing we seemed to do made a difference and it was heartbreaking to see her this unhappy.Our home and lives were in constant stress and turmoil. Donna had successfully treated me during my pregnancy when all other treatments had failed to relieve my back discomfort. I knew her reputation and was so thrilled with what she had done for me we decided to give it a try with our daughter. The results were amazing!!! Each treatment was done in my presence and usually while I held her. There was no signs of discomfort at all.It was so gentle it almost seemed as though she wasn’t doing anything. After 4 treatments I can honestly say our baby girl is a happy, smiling, peaceful baby. The difference has been undeniably dramatic. We finally have some peace and sanity back in our home and cannot thank Donna enough for her compassion and delicate care. If anyone is going through what we went through I urge you to see Donna. Thank you, thank you…we are forever indebted to you.

Jan Johnston

Dear Dr. Armata, I want to thank you for your treatments (a.k.a. “magic”) for my back. Last Saturday, our Dragonboat team competed at Deep Cove in 4 races in cold, rainy weather. But I had no issues whatsoever with my back. If anything, I believe my reach was longer and deeper than usual. So I think you helped us win first place in the Women’s division. Heck, we even beat the national women’s team heading to China for the world’s! So thanks … very much. See you soon.

I was involved in a MVA on January 29th 2011 on the Coquihalla heading to Vancouver from Kelowna. Oddly enough when I finally got to Vancouver that evening after hours of dealing with stuff at the accident scene of a 7 car pile up, I immediately knew where I was headed when I got back to Kelowna the next night – Okanagan Health and Performance.

I want to tell you that I have been very well taken care of during the past three plus weeks. I have been greeted at the front door by some of the greatest receptionists ever. Leanne, Lynn, Rachael, Alisha, and Kristina have been fabulous, always with a smile and all know me by my first name. After dealing with that many phone calls in a day I really don’t know how they do it!

I am usually a patient of Dr.Schmidt – but when I arrived home to Kelowna either he was booked or on vacation I cannot remember but was put into great hands. I want the three of you to all know that Dr. Sterling Armata (chiropractor) has been a true pleasure to have take care of my neck issues from the car accident. It hasn’t been the easiest thing for me to deal with but Sterling has been there for me every step of the way – He even took time out of his day today to simply call me at home to see how I was feeling today – (I admit I did by accident miss my appointment on Saturday with him and haven’t rescheduled due to a busy weekend – I am sorry)

But to have Dr. Sterling help me as much as he has through simply my payment options to helping relieve my headaches even if its for 10 minutes or a simple light massage on my neck he has always been there helping my return to normal. The whole reason for me writing this email is from the simple 5 minutes he took out of his busy day to simply call. I am no longer a number as you would feel at most clinics but a patient with Okanagan Health and Performance.

I have also had the great pleasure of being recommended by Dr. Sterling to see Dr. Ben (MD) your clinic and I must say another amazing addition to the already great team OHP has created. I am not a fan of anything medical from hospitals to doctors offices or anything like that but Dr. Ben has been awesome with my health his top priority. I have seen a doctor at a walk in clinic as soon as my injury happened and I didn’t like him one bit again I was a number. Dr. Ben has been amazing and was able to get a CT Scan on my neck in under a week in this city it is unheard of.

Physiotherapy is something I haven’t done in the past and to be honest it hurts like heck when I am done my day of Physiotherapy with Quentin. I know I am going to hurt a lot more before I am better and it’s all part of the process but I definately cannot exclude him he has been great and I have seen some progress with movement of my neck which is great.

I thought I would send you this quick letter to let you know about the great addition of staff to your team. I would appreciate it if you would pass along my thanks to your team!

Looking forward to meeting Jenny for my massage and spending the rest of my time during recovery at OHP