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Postpartum Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapy

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Childbirth is physically and emotionally demanding on a woman’s mind and body. It is essential for a woman to take the time to rest and recover after her labor.

If you have recently given birth, you will be transitioning through a time where your uterus is healing, hormones are shifting, and you focus on becoming accustomed to your new role as a mother. A postpartum massage is a wonderful way to ease the physical and emotional demands of labor, breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn.

Our OHP massage therapists take extra time to make new mothers feel relaxed and comfortable by soothing tired muscles and addressing specific needs. We believe that when a mom feels nurtured, rejuvenated, and revitalized everyone around her benefits!

Benefits of Postpartum Massage

• Provides deep relaxation
• Relieves soreness and muscle tension from labor
• Reduces weakness and fatigue
• Helps internal organs to resume proper placement
• Helps to re-establish pelvis structural integrity
• Helps to restore the uterus to its original state
• Relieves neck, shoulder, hand, and wrist pain from caring for a newborn
• Eases lower back and pelvic pain
• Supports healthy lactation
• Aids in the reduction of excess body fluids
• Increases blood circulation and stimulates the lymph system
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Facilitates healing after a Caesarean birth
• Offers a natural way to sooth and nurture mothers as they adjust to shifting hormones and motherhood
• Reduces the occurrence of postpartum depression
• Enhances the attachment and bonding experience between mother and baby

When to Receive Postpartum Massage?

For mothers who delivered normally, you are able to receive postpartum massage as soon after you deliver your baby, as you are comfortable. Most women receive a postpartum massage within the first week or two after delivery.

If your baby was born by Caesarean section, cranial sacral therapy is a wonderful way to receive nurturing touch in the first two weeks after birth. As it is best to wait two weeks to receive a regular postpartum massage after a Caesarean birth. We recommend that you receive a postpartum massage every 1-3 weeks for the first 12 weeks after delivery to aid in postpartum recovery and leave you with a sense of well-being.

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