What is Cox® Technic and How Can It Benefit You?

cox technic logoOHP Kelowna chiropractors have proven experience and expertise in the application of Cox® Technic. This is a gentle, non-surgical, well-documented spinal manipulation designed to relieve pain in the back, neck, arm and leg.

Cox® Technic can also be applied to treat a number of spinal-related conditions such as spinal stenosis, post-surgical pain, disc herniation, as well as pregnancy-related back pain. Over the years, Cox® Technic has been widely used as a highly effective alternative to surgery for treating back pain.

As a conservative treatment approach, Cox® Technic promotes biomechanical changes to the spine, aiding in the alleviation of pressure in the spinal disc, restoration of the body’s range of motion, as well as in the significant increase in intervertebral disc height.

Over time, the discs in the spine may fail due to a number of possible reasons such as deterioration, injury or lack of nutrition. When this happens, the vertebrae can sit too close together, resulting to pressure on the spinal nerves. This causes pain in the area that the pinched nerve travels.

Through the application of Cox® Technic, the compressed space is re-opened, effectively releasing pressure off the affected nerve. Aside from releasing pressure on the nerve, this type of spinal manipulation can also be used to maintain disc position, reclaim any loss or restriction in motion as well as boost muscle and ligament recovery with the least scar tissue.

When it comes to treating patients, OHP Kelowna chiropractors believe pain is only the tip of the iceberg. Our team works to restore healthy alignment and motion to the spine, with the goal of providing long-term relief from pain and preventing surgery.

If you want to know more about Cox® Technic or you feel you can benefit from this treatment, our chiropractors will be more than happy to conduct a full evaluation of your condition.

Life is motion. Do not allow stiffness, pain and decreased mobility and function prevent you from enjoying your life to the fullest.