James Wheeler, RMT

James Wheeler, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

James Wheeler moved to Kelowna in 2008 to enjoy a healthier, laid back and family oriented lifestyle that the beautiful Okanagan has to offer. He is a graduate of the Registered Massage Therapy program at OVCMT in Vernon BC and is passionate about helping others return to and maintain pain free activity at work, home and play.

As a sought after Kelowna massage therapist, James employs a variety of massage and assessment techniques including: Myofacial release, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, ART/PRT (active and passive release technique), trigger point therapy, joint mobilizations, range of motion techniques, Swedish massage, therapeutic exercise, hydrotherapy, gait assessment, postural assessment, muscle testing and orthopedic special testing.

His focus is on each individual and utilizing a “whole body” approach, to develop specific programs that cater to short term and long term patient goals. He believes that education is a life-long process and enjoys discovering new techniques for a constantly evolving practice.

James has been involved in sports his entire life and offers first-hand experience in training regiments, overuse, acute and chronic injuries and recovery at both a recreational and professional level. In his spare time, James enjoys a variety of activities including:camping, fishing, hiking, biking, swimming, kayaking, soccer, beach volleyball, adventure sports, triathlons, hockey, skiing, snowshoeing, coaching, volunteering, and most importantly, quality time with family and friends.