May 22, 2018

Top 10 Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Finding a good chiropractor in Kelowna isn’t only key to correcting the damage caused by years of poor posture or trauma — it’s also important for […]
May 21, 2018

Sacroiliac Joints and Chiropractic

“Sacro… what?” is the most common response our OHP chiropractor in Kelowna would hear from most people if asked about sacroiliac joints (SI) . You may […]
May 17, 2018

Five Ways To Prevent Sports Injuries

Exercise is an important part of life in order to become or stay healthy. For many people, sports are a fun way of burning extra calories, socializing […]
May 11, 2018

The Dangers of Forward Head Posture

In the age of computers, smartphones, and tablets, we seem to be having an epidemic of forward head posture. Ideally, the cervical spine (neck), should have […]
May 2, 2018

Mastitis Ultrasound

Breastfeeding should be a joyful experience, but mastitis, engorgement, and blocked ducts can be painful, debilitating and stressful. Mastitis & Blocked Ducts Blocked ducts are usually […]
May 2, 2018

5 Reasons To Do Planks Every Day

Planks are one of those exercises that will never go out of style, and for good reason. When it comes to core workouts, no exercise beats […]
April 26, 2018

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Chiropractic care is a nonsurgical treatment option that may help reduce your neck pain and related symptoms. Listed below are some of the different types of […]