Shelby Fuhr, RPT

Registered Physiotherapist

Shelby was born and raised in small-town St. Mary’s, Ontario. She completed her graduate degree at Western University, receiving her Master of Physical Therapy in 2019.

She has a wide range of experience with injuries and conditions including stroke, concussions, vestibular conditions, burns, pre and post-surgical rehabilitation, sports injuries, low back pain and general musculoskeletal conditions. She has also taken elective courses in pain science, chronic pain management and manual therapy techniques.

Shelby believes in the holistic approach to treatment; combining the benefits of exercise and manual therapy alongside patient education and collaboration with other health care practitioners to provide high quality and patient-centered care.

She is one of five children in her family, and is the first to relocate across the country. Upon graduation, Shelby knew she wanted to live amongst the beauty and adventurous lifestyle that Kelowna offers, and looks forward to taking up new hobbies such as paddle boarding and teaching yoga. In her spare time, Shelby likes to stay active by weight lifting, hiking, and spending time with her dog. She also enjoys exploring her creative side with acrylic painting, and runs her own wood decor business.