Dr. Nicholas Braaten


Choosing Chiropractic

From a young age, I've been fortunate enough to receive chiropractic care on a regular basis. I experienced its benefits firsthand after multiple car accidents, years of contact sports and growing up with brothers. While in college, I was able to volunteer on a medical team bringing care and supplies to under treated areas in Nigeria. We set up makeshift clinics in villages with nurses, pharmacists, family physicians, chiropractors and dentists. As the crowds trickled through, I aided each of the fields in their work. I was astounded by the massive number of chiropractic patients who experienced immediate relief in such a short timeframe. I was determined to be able to give this gift with my own two hands as well someday. Years later, I traveled with the same team to India as a chiropractor.

Diversified Clinical Experience

In 2011, I received my Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer West in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. During my studies, I worked as a certified personal trainer. Following graduation, I worked as the sole chiropractor at an urgent care hospital in Los Angeles alongside a full panel of medical care professionals. This experience proved invaluable as I was able to cooperatively manage patients with neurosurgeons, physiatrists, osteopaths and physical therapists. I chose to take this clinical experience to my home community and teamed up with a nutritionist to start my own private practice in California as well.


My heart lead me to British Columbia, where I married the yoga instructor of my dreams. We have two awesome youngsters who always keep us on our toes. I've played sports all of my life and continue to play any chance I can get. Surfing, playing guitar, medical outreach, reading, weightlifting, and woodworking are some activities I also enjoy.

Dedicated to Whole Body Health at Every Stage

As your chiropractor, my ultimate goal is for you to achieve your best life experience. Since we experience life through our nervous system, we use chiropractic treatments to unlock it's full potential. Chiropractic care restores the body's ability to innately heal itself by correcting trauma to the spine, the home of your central nervous system. This trauma can come in the form of chemical, emotional and physical forces and often, but not always, leads to pain and tension. It is my understanding that symptoms are warnings of underlying dysfunction, not to be ignored or covered up, but addressed. It is imperative to fully investigate current and developing problems. I then seek to remove the obstacles to health, correct the imbalance and eliminate the pain symptoms by allowing your body to heal the pain source. As a team, we can find sustainable solutions to help prevent future illness and remain highly active throughout our lifetime. With a corrected foundation through chiropractic care and the knowledge necessary for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, It brings me joy to witness my patients repeatedly reach new heights.