Linda Smith BSR, CHT, Reg. OT (BC)

Occupational / Hand Therapist

Practitioner Spotlight

Linda was born and grew up in the Lower Mainland. After undergoing an orthopedic surgical procedure at age 16, she was inspired to pursue a dual degree in PT and OT at the University of BC.After graduation, Linda worked as a physiotherapist for several years until she decided to focus on Occupational Therapy. Linda worked in hospitals for several years and she became interested in hand therapy in 1985. In 1991, Linda was in the first small group of Canadian therapists to pass the certification exam for hand therapy. She has continued to practice in this field since. Linda and her family moved to Kelowna in 1999, where she started into private practice.In her spare time, Linda enjoys the outdoors, riding her bike around Kelowna, practicing and teaching meditation.