Leanne Bevington, Office Manager

Office Manager

Leanne is the office manager for OHP and has been with the company for 10 years. Leanne is a true asset to the clinic, and helps to keep things running smoothly on a daily basis.

Julie Lowe, MOA

Front Desk Staff

Julie is another one of our exceptional front staff, something you notice right away is her lovely English accent. She has been with us here at the clinic for almost 3 years now, and we couldn’t imagine the work place without her.

Rosemarie Verkerk, MOA

Front Desk Staff

Originally from England, Rose has lived and worked in Kelowna for 30 years. When she's not at the office, Rose is busy with home, family and orchard.

Rachel Jantzen, MOA

Front Desk Staff

Rachel has been a part of the OHP front desk team for almost 2 years now. Having dedicated the last number of years to her family, she is excited to be working in the health care field. In her spare time Rachel enjoys boating, cycling and her family.

Michelle Johnson, MOA

Front Desk Staff

Michelle recently moved to Kelowna from Saskatchewan a year ago. She has working in a chiropractic clinic for 8 years using her massage therapy background. When she's not here at OHP, Michelle can be found enjoying curling, baseball & dance. Say hi next time you're in!

Terry Fraser, MOA

Front Desk Staff

We recently welcomed Terry to our front staff team.

Terry's spent over 30 years working in business administration and human resources positions in the financial services, healthcare and construction industries, primarily in the Kelowna area. People are a passion for her and assisting them in this clinical setting is a rewarding extension of what she loves to do.

Terry's off time is filled with an abundance of family activities, winter getaways and golfing in the summer. Terry says "keeping your mind and body active is so important!"