our mission
To provide a team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to continual growth and improvement.
To inspire and empower our patients to help themselves through education and prevention.
To provide holistic healthcare within an atmosphere that embraces the healing of mind and body.
ohp-staffLocated in Kelowna, BC, Okanagan Health and Performance (OHP) was created in 2002 By Drs. Rob Mutch, Michael Schmidt and Donna McAllister. OHP began with the vision of integrating several health care professions in one location to provide efficient and effective care for patients.

Currently OHP Kelowna offers Family & Sports Chiropractic, Pediatric & Pregnancy Care, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Registered Massage Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Exercise Rehabilitation/Kinesiology, Active Myofascial Release, Physiotherapy, Occupational / Hand Therapy, Naturopathic Medicine, Acupuncture & I.M.S., and Prescription Orthotics.

Okanagan Health and Performance (OHP) practitioners have an extensive and diverse range of experiences. From treating weekend warriors, professional and amateur athletes, to infants and the elderly, OHP has your injury and preventative health care covered.

OHP practitioners have worked at sporting events such as the Summer and Winter Games, Commonwealth Games, World Championship sporting events, Goodwill Games, Canadian Eco-Challenge, Ironman, and numerous ITU Triathlons. Athletes we have treated have won Gold Medals, and set world records.

Call OHP to book an appointment with a chiropractor, physiotherapist, hand therapist, acupuncturist, massage therapist, or kinesiologist.